Monday, July 14, 2014

Collar Addict

Hi Folks! Happy Monday... How was your Ramadan so far? Hope everything goes well.
I realize it is getting silent on the blog again, yup.. 2 weeks without posting.  And this my first post in July 2014, Crochet collar is the best part of my crochet projects this month and now share to you all..


 Crochet Baby Blue Collar Pattern modify by me
Crochet Hot Pink Ruffle Collar Pattern modify by me
Crochet Peter Pan Collar Pattern by Emma Escott
All about elegant! I make this lace crochet collar Handmade of 100% soft cotton and big ply soft cotton. It would make a great fashion statement. I wish wear it with a simple top and jeans, basic sweater a vintage feel. 

Happy Crafting
Kisses from Indonesia

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Loving Everyday Inspiration : Baby Gravity

 Baby set // Popcorn suit by creative blogger Paelas

Baby shirt knitting // Playing with yarn by Uldna via Instagram

Sew// cutest baby dress ever by Gullkorn.. I wanna make this too..

Amigurumi // baby blue rabby by Bareanette on Instagram

New Born Set // By my (most) fav. craft blogger Marlene Rodrigues in pontinhosmeus

Hello Folks,

Happy today.. (sorry) for my un-consistence for share beautiful thing with Loving Everyday Tag. Sometimes inspiration came (not) in time. Today I share what favorite things in June, Baby set really-really hot items for me ^^. Mostly in June Project are baby set from Hat, dress, cape, blanket etc.

My fav. craft blogger is Marlene Rodigues from Pontinhosmeus, she is verry talented. I adore her project so much. You can visit to see her gorgeous projects, trust me.. you will adore it like me. one of favorite photo blog from Marlene is New Born Set photo. Yupp.. it's cute..
Hope you like it too!

-The End-

Monday, June 23, 2014

Wish List Project : Top Down Crochet Project 2014

Hi Folks..

Happy Monday.. it's been a week without post anything in my blog. Yeah! I'm was really busy with my crochet project(s) not about office task again (hopefully). Today I will share with you what I'm doing now, I decide to spend my day with crochet cardigan projects. I have target to make 3 cardigans for the rest of 2014 (6 months for 3 cardigans), can I finish this project by the time?? Let we see.. how amazing and stunning that!!. I will share my work in progress project in my lovely blog and Instagram. And the last but not least.. it's feel free to ask this patterns here, leave a comment bellow folks..

to be continued

Monday, June 16, 2014

Crochet Baby Turban - By This Mama Makes Stuff

Hello folks...
Happy Monday to you all, how your weekend? Wishing you have great weekend..

Today,   I will share one of my favorite baby hat crochet  form This Mama Makes Stuff, the pattern is so lovely and easy. You could tried this pattern Crochet Baby Turban Tutorial  like me.

Happy Crocheting Folks
- the end -

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baby Set Crochet Gift for Twin Girl

Hello Folks..

Happy Saturday. This collection has been on my craft table for way too long, but it's finally done send to Beloved Twin Sister belong to Anisa and Andini!  YAY!!!  I was bought this set from Bandung, for my twin nephew ( my sister in law daughters).

There are so many great details I adore on this baby set. First, the neckline or collar is beautiful! I love the sabrina style and how it gracefully slopes off the shoulders. Then, there is the delicate shell stitch detail along the dress.  And also little details of flowers and leafs.

Unfortunately I can't make this set by my self, due to my tight schedule for office things. But since I've been feeling more confident in my crochet skills lately, I've decided to experiment with new baby set crochet in my next project. Yup, you can see the update on my Instagram.

Stay tuned, I can't wait to see how these projects done and share them with you folks! So, have you completed any projects you love lately? Happy Weekend :)

-the end-

Monday, June 9, 2014

Loving Everyday : Life of Natural

Natural Knitting Inspiration // Wool People 7 Treasure by brooklyntweed , read this magazine here

Little Flower Baby Blanket // her creation always stunning

It's about Home Decor // Beautiful Rug Crochet for sweet Family Room

Black and White // I dare you to wear Orange Lipstick in  Watercolor Illustration  by Alicia Malesani

Happy Tummy / Purple Macrons with Honey. By Beautiful young lady Molly from The Cottage Diaries.

Hello Folks..
Happy Monday! Today Loving Everyday full with natural colors, it's look like white, black, grey, and sometime purple with grey.  Last weekend I took the time to refreshing a bit and take the morning till noon off. I saw the cinema "Meleficent" by Angelina Jolie.. Well..well.. she is really gorgeous. Have you watch this movie?
This week I ready to work on my baby shower crochet.. I will share it here soon!:)

-The End-

Monday, June 2, 2014

Give Away From Sawo Kecik

Happy June Dear  . . . .♥ Something Good to start this month with craft

Today I'm very exited , the first working day after long weekend...I'm really surprise when I was checking my facebook notification,.I Got it!! Give Away from Sawo Kecik (Mrs. Pimpi - owner) yaayy!!. 

On May 21th 2014,  Sawo Kecik post giveaway 3 Patterns Clutch complete with the tutorial in FB which is she brought from ithinksew. Without a second thought I follow this give away and finally one of the winners is Me ♥. I can't fight this feeling (to make fabric clutch) any longer, I hope this give away come sooner. :)

About Sawo Kecik :
Sawo Kecik is handmade crafter which established in October 2009 with a mission to process unused goods become more useful things. Various works which created by Sawo Kecik using combination some of recycled materials to be a re-used items. Mrs. Pimpi as owner Sawo Kecik have different strategic to sale her creation, it like "Haverst Time" yes.. in bahasa we call it "Panen" which is only once a month for selling their products. Just need 5 minutes to sale of their products. This is the link of Sawo Kecik, you can come a cross to their page to see the fresh and very creative products..
  • twiter @SawoKecikCraft
  • instagram @sawokecikcraft
  • facebook fanpage : /SawoKecikCraft
  • facebook : /sawo.kecik
The last but not least Happy Monday to you all! Have nice and great (rest of this) week :) 

- see you in another sew story, to be continued... -

Monday, May 19, 2014


Short Bolero // Lovely Bolero by Peirrot Yarn japan (pattern is here) my I try with long slave :)
Everyday Cardigan // Anytime and wherever always gorgeous (pattern is here)

Sora Motif Sweater // "beautiful" to describe this outfit (pattern is here)

Amian Flower Bag // cute spring bag inspiration (pattern is here)

Framboise Sweaters // nice to try for young girl outfit (pattern is here)

Happy Monday to all ! I just wanted to share a few beautiful finds that made me say "WOW" today. Yup.. This is Monday, time to (back) work again, but them so cute to make it. I hope they bring a fresh inspiration to your rest of this week. I can't wait to meet weekend again, so I can try to starting this projects. I would love to spend my lunch time every day in weekday for working on my pink cardigan from Top-Down Crochet.  I hope in the end of May it's done and I can wear it. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Elegant Purple Collar

My imagined about beautiful collars is well-created, inspired by my previous Sunshine Collar,  I made another one. I found this pattern by the Lovely Emma of Lulu Loves I just had to try it.  I'm really surprise with this pattern due to that is only require a little bit of yarn, maybe about 30-40 gr. Why this is so fun? coz simple pattern, less yarn, and quick. I can't wait to wear this and combine with my turban style ;). I worked on this beautiful collar while enjoying my (Waisak) holiday yesterday. I chose monochrome purple rayon yarn. It's little unfinished (less the button), can't wait to wear this pretty collar.

- to be continued -

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Loving Everyday Inspiration : (for) HER

Mothers Day Card // by Tanya at Little Things Blogged

Fashion // Say hello to winter with Leah Goren’s latest scarf collection

Bag // Every women deserve have beautiful crochet bag

Crochet // Cute Grany Square Pin Cushion Inspiration must try

Illustration //Sweet French Macaroon for Sweet Girl

I was really busy last week, nothing to post in early may, but I'm back again now.  I crochet 3 project in same time.. :) so exited.  The Projects are 2 Crochet Cardigans and 1 Crochet scarf . I also managed to start checking things off my projects list (3 Cushion) undone and managed my yarn.
I can't wait to show you more photos on that!

The Loving Everyday Inspiration for this week, so much cute to (just) see. 
I hope you enjoyed these finds. Enjoy your week end!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Loving Everyday Inspiration : Wedding Time

Decoration // Doily Hanging on Wall in Beautiful Decoration for vintage wedding

Dress // Doily Wedding Dress...(so much) envy to look closer

 Cake // Yummy.. Cake with Doily Cake Topper

Invitation // when crochet meet the invitation paper

Weeding Illustration // Googl-ing and found it..

by lovebird