Friday, February 21, 2014

Pop Corn Cushion Crochet

it's been a while since I shared my sunshine collar here on the blog, This week I would like to share my work in progress crochet cushion. Will post letter the tutorial, after I finish my little cushion about 30 cm x 30 cm. For me it's take time to finish this project because 6 day's in a week or 48 hour's in a week, I'm be employee not full time crocheting.

And this weekend I will take Time Out - leave my crochet in my boarding house "TT", due to I will go home to Surabaya.  I'm very excited, because I could meet my family and shopping (yarn) of course..

doesn't it look vintage?
Yes, I chose white yarn Sweet Cotton Poyeng (SP), which I brought from Poyeng-Yogyakarta. 
see you next week..
to be continued


  1. it does look vintage indeed, would you mind if you share the pattern?i was seeking a cushion pattern with crochet i've already made one ''knitting'' but inever get bored from cushion they're so fluffy and warm ,,,
    p.s: thx for following me back have fun in your town and buy a lot of yarn ;)


    1. Hello Sara..
      Thanks for leave precious thought in my post.
      The pattern on going now, I will post the pattern this week..


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