Monday, May 19, 2014


Short Bolero // Lovely Bolero by Peirrot Yarn japan (pattern is here) my I try with long slave :)
Everyday Cardigan // Anytime and wherever always gorgeous (pattern is here)

Sora Motif Sweater // "beautiful" to describe this outfit (pattern is here)

Amian Flower Bag // cute spring bag inspiration (pattern is here)

Framboise Sweaters // nice to try for young girl outfit (pattern is here)

Happy Monday to all ! I just wanted to share a few beautiful finds that made me say "WOW" today. Yup.. This is Monday, time to (back) work again, but them so cute to make it. I hope they bring a fresh inspiration to your rest of this week. I can't wait to meet weekend again, so I can try to starting this projects. I would love to spend my lunch time every day in weekday for working on my pink cardigan from Top-Down Crochet.  I hope in the end of May it's done and I can wear it. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week.


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