Monday, June 2, 2014

Give Away From Sawo Kecik

Happy June Dear  . . . .♥ Something Good to start this month with craft

Today I'm very exited , the first working day after long weekend...I'm really surprise when I was checking my facebook notification,.I Got it!! Give Away from Sawo Kecik (Mrs. Pimpi - owner) yaayy!!. 

On May 21th 2014,  Sawo Kecik post giveaway 3 Patterns Clutch complete with the tutorial in FB which is she brought from ithinksew. Without a second thought I follow this give away and finally one of the winners is Me ♥. I can't fight this feeling (to make fabric clutch) any longer, I hope this give away come sooner. :)

About Sawo Kecik :
Sawo Kecik is handmade crafter which established in October 2009 with a mission to process unused goods become more useful things. Various works which created by Sawo Kecik using combination some of recycled materials to be a re-used items. Mrs. Pimpi as owner Sawo Kecik have different strategic to sale her creation, it like "Haverst Time" yes.. in bahasa we call it "Panen" which is only once a month for selling their products. Just need 5 minutes to sale of their products. This is the link of Sawo Kecik, you can come a cross to their page to see the fresh and very creative products..
  • twiter @SawoKecikCraft
  • instagram @sawokecikcraft
  • facebook fanpage : /SawoKecikCraft
  • facebook : /sawo.kecik
The last but not least Happy Monday to you all! Have nice and great (rest of this) week :) 

- see you in another sew story, to be continued... -


  1. Wiiiiiiiiii Giveawaynya menggiurkan:)

    1. Iyaa... Cantik banget clutch patternya..


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