Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blogger Sketch Tuesday { Atlantic - Pasific}

Hello blogger.. here I'm with my 2nd Blogger Sketch Tuesday !  This week my post featuring with Bee of Atlantic Pasific from San Francisco , California.

Why Her ?
Bee website so cool-  I always enjoy coming across her website to look her style with vintage style. She likes wearing sun glasses. And her hair so blonde... beautiful hair, she is very inspiring. I like her  when she wore a long skirt with bun hair style.. so vintage!! really beautiful!!. I hope her style can inspire us, especially for me who wants to remain a Moeslem with stylist and syari'i.
If you haven't come across her website, I'd recommend going to check it out! 

Please leave precious thought, If you cross in my blog.
Kisses from Indonesia

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