Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blogger Sketch Tuesday {Eat.Sleep.Wear}

Kimberly (Eat.Sleep.Wear)

Kimberly Close Up

Hello blogger.. here I'm with my 1st Blogger Sketch Tuesday! I will make routine post in my blog with labels "Blogger Sketch Tuesday". I will do this 52 times in year. I'm very exited with this project. I hope I could better and better in next sketch. This week my post featuring with Kimberly of eat.sleep.wear from Philadelpia

eat.sleep.wear is the personal style blog of Kimberly Pesch. It’s a place that celebrates personal style, photography, and everyday inspirations of fashion as well as the occasional cupcake. Kimberly is a graphic designer who is passionate about modern clean designs both on the computer and in her closet. She’s a self proclaimed foodie and loves to share her passion for life, art, and all things style. Her sunny disposition and fearless attitude show her readers that it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it that matters.  (.read from eat.sleep.wear)

Why Her ?
Kimberly website have simple template - black and white color. I always enjoy coming across her website. She is very beautiful and photogenic. I like her with bun hair style, so cute. For fashion no doubt!, she is very inspiring. I like when she wore a sweater and patterned pants, really beautiful. I hope her style can inspire us, especially for me who wants to remain a Moeslem with stylist and syari'i.
If you haven't come across her website, I'd recommend going to check it out! 

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Kisses from Indonesia


  1. Oh my goodness! This is SO BEAUTIFUL! You are really talented, you captured her perfectly!

    Jen x


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