Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baby Set Crochet Gift for Twin Girl

Hello Folks..

Happy Saturday. This collection has been on my craft table for way too long, but it's finally done send to Beloved Twin Sister belong to Anisa and Andini!  YAY!!!  I was bought this set from Bandung, for my twin nephew ( my sister in law daughters).

There are so many great details I adore on this baby set. First, the neckline or collar is beautiful! I love the sabrina style and how it gracefully slopes off the shoulders. Then, there is the delicate shell stitch detail along the dress.  And also little details of flowers and leafs.

Unfortunately I can't make this set by my self, due to my tight schedule for office things. But since I've been feeling more confident in my crochet skills lately, I've decided to experiment with new baby set crochet in my next project. Yup, you can see the update on my Instagram.

Stay tuned, I can't wait to see how these projects done and share them with you folks! So, have you completed any projects you love lately? Happy Weekend :)

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