Thursday, June 26, 2014

Loving Everyday Inspiration : Baby Gravity

 Baby set // Popcorn suit by creative blogger Paelas

Baby shirt knitting // Playing with yarn by Uldna via Instagram

Sew// cutest baby dress ever by Gullkorn.. I wanna make this too..

Amigurumi // baby blue rabby by Bareanette on Instagram

New Born Set // By my (most) fav. craft blogger Marlene Rodrigues in pontinhosmeus

Hello Folks,

Happy today.. (sorry) for my un-consistence for share beautiful thing with Loving Everyday Tag. Sometimes inspiration came (not) in time. Today I share what favorite things in June, Baby set really-really hot items for me ^^. Mostly in June Project are baby set from Hat, dress, cape, blanket etc.

My fav. craft blogger is Marlene Rodigues from Pontinhosmeus, she is verry talented. I adore her project so much. You can visit to see her gorgeous projects, trust me.. you will adore it like me. one of favorite photo blog from Marlene is New Born Set photo. Yupp.. it's cute..
Hope you like it too!

-The End-


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