Monday, June 9, 2014

Loving Everyday : Life of Natural

Natural Knitting Inspiration // Wool People 7 Treasure by brooklyntweed , read this magazine here

Little Flower Baby Blanket // her creation always stunning

It's about Home Decor // Beautiful Rug Crochet for sweet Family Room

Black and White // I dare you to wear Orange Lipstick in  Watercolor Illustration  by Alicia Malesani

Happy Tummy / Purple Macrons with Honey. By Beautiful young lady Molly from The Cottage Diaries.

Hello Folks..
Happy Monday! Today Loving Everyday full with natural colors, it's look like white, black, grey, and sometime purple with grey.  Last weekend I took the time to refreshing a bit and take the morning till noon off. I saw the cinema "Meleficent" by Angelina Jolie.. Well..well.. she is really gorgeous. Have you watch this movie?
This week I ready to work on my baby shower crochet.. I will share it here soon!:)

-The End-

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